about Beer….

guinnessdraughtcc2Okay ,So this begins my odd beer  journey…

One day I had a headache , I would rather do with out the whole head issue to begin with.  It has been a long time since I partook  in drink, eating is right up there with ,well enjoying a meal,just cut out spirits. I have friends that know what beer pairs  well with what food. Usually the Belgian variety.  Some cause a headache. Seems like that with most. Once in a while I would go for a Grey Goose mixed with a splash of something.

So , one day I was discussing my headache and was told,don’t you know”Guinness  is Good for You ” I was told.

I have  had Guinness  on tap , it has been ages.  I went on a quest to find a single bottle.This was around Christmas time 2016. I had no idea about the  Christmas time Special Brews. I was overwhelmed by the colors and choices of craft brews, local , imported. Geesh…  Boxes of Good Cheer Gift sets.I was looking around and spotted the Guinness draught, in a bottle.   My head swimming. I picked up the bottle ,ran away and came home. Read about the right temperature,sorted through copious videos  about  Guinness and the  Pour . But , I did not have the proper glass. Oh nooo.

What to do , well the bottle says drink it out of the bottle. No Special Guinness glass necessary. Whew.. So, I did Chill it at the right temp,from the bottle it went.

I had gas pains for days, thought I had pancreatitis. But , I only had one.. Guinness. Besides the proper glass issue, Guinness  was  good, did not induce anything except gas and  traveling gas pains…

So, as it goes. … First thoughts: smells like Guinness, a little thin  and lighter than I remember, Huge  on  bubbles…   -Need to try again for Proper review.-

I have been discovering different varieties,  trying to stay with  with barley malt beers. Cause.. You know..  I want to try something different…  Guinness with be there..

Unfortunately I didn’t save or take a pic of my Guinness Draught bottle. Why do? there would be time ..This picture Courtesy of Creative Commons  Guinness Draft Beer Bottle(part of a 3d project) by oski, published May 15, 2012 http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:23087

Check out about oski ken loo , oski designs http://www.thingiverse.com/oski/designs

Cheers    Im JudeB


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