about Beer A Guinness Alternative, Stout Quest

It’s been on my mind, How do I go about telling a tale about the  small town craft brewery that is trying to supply as  a more  widely and available  brewery.

As it began , I was on a quest to find a beer I could enjoy as  a different stout than Guinness. Again, this is  around Christmas time.
I found and  had a single bottle of a Russian Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon barrels. Which, I would  like and appreciate the vanilla  mix with hints of Roasted Coffee and Cocoa  and  Bourbon  Whisky spice. You can guess the  Hints of You know what .
And Yes I did. . ABV  8 % a little high for me, then the calories are up there as well.

I proceeded to hunt and  find  a few that I could purchase.

I was  happy  becuase of the taste. I chilled and opened  this new-found one and it didn’t taste  quite the same. Nor did it have the same aroma as described above. A little off.
I wasn’t  going to give up, cold is till acceptable Bourbon-ish with little vanilla and cocoa, until as it sat and warmed up. It was not Bourbon-y but sour . At this point it was almost done. I sink poured the rest.
But I felt not quite right . Stomach off. The next day I called the distributor and asked if anyone reported bad or off beer.  No, but  took down my info and situation. I called the brewery and the next day they were going to settle the bill and told me the beer had been “retired“.  I saved the beer. I then inspected the bottles and a few had hairline cracks. No Way.. Way.. I was beside myself.  And the bottles a bit spotty to boot.  A little bit of a heresy  pickle going on… Just got a bad batch I guess…

weyerheresey2 copy.jpg

Yea great… New to craft beer, and finding a Guinness alternative. Should I  try to go on with this endeavor?
I was contacted by  a  representative of the brewery. He wanted to come to the house  Taste and Take the beer.  Probably  to see if I was okay-Reassure me that I am okay. And  asked if I wanted anything.
Some glassware would be nice,I guess.
He arrived after a half hour of talking, informed me that contaminated beer wouldn’t hurt me.
Even though my stomach wasn’t right,very sour stomach.
He sat down,Opened the beer and took a sip. Put the cap on and said” Yep, that beer is not right”. He took it and gave me an assortment of other beer offerings. He forgot the glassware but sent them to me. Nice , non nucleated cuvee type  and some tap-room mini glasses.

merrymonk copy.jpg I went to have one of the new offerings,  wouldn’t you know it some of those had cracks in them. I informed  the representative,I was told ” It has something to do with pressure in the bottle ,it happens”.

You know, I didn’t touch those unique bottles. Glad they were responsive though.   Inquiring  about the brewery, seems they do have some solid beers.

 I have told this tale to a few. It has become apparent that someone arriving  at  my house to” Pick Up, Taste and Take back” is very unusual.

You may begin to fathom the reason I was encouraged to start this type of blog.

I did pick up a real sour ale to see what that is about.  Not tried  as of yet.

Still on a Guinness alternative quest. Even though I know there is no such thing.

Maybe Guinness adjacent is a better way to think about it. Bring back the isinglass.

Gentle reminder:  Always  check your Bottles ..