Date on Bottles.. Decoding..

I have had some interesting  craft beer situations happen.

I did not know there really is a best drink by time frame with craft beers,  Especially seasonal or special brews. I do know about the  Duvel date . Seems It Is important to know these things.

ithicabeersunMy quest for a Guinness replacement is still ongoing.  I had one  Craft beer from Ny Ithaca  Beer Co. Midnight Sun Black Lager considered a Schwarzbier. It was a hopeful start, I had one and it was something I wanted to try again. There was one lonely six pack left in a 10 mile radius, it was 5 minutes away. I don’t chase beer ,so I picked it up. Okay ,so  this beer Is  A Seasonal. Not much info is on the website. This is a few months after the winter . So it must be March or April, And I don’t drink things right away. I  had  one and  few days later another.  It wasn’t quite as crisp as the first one I had tried. I gave the rest to my  friend. Anyway .

The beer  is dark mahogany  with a tan headithicsunglass. When it is at its peak time frame, it is malty and dry  with a   mix of smoke  with hints of coffee and  a bit of bitter chocolate  and  stickiness but fades, a bit thin. This mellows as time passes as  it did with the ones from the six pack but the  bitterness  became stronger .  It is 5.5 ABV 165 calories.  Worth a try as a winter warmer . I would  buy respectfully  within its STF :Short Time Frame. November,  December, January, Possibly February.   Probably  taste different on tap at Ithaca. Moral is : Now I know to look for a bottle date.




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