– No Drinky Drinky- Perfect Timing

finger2 I feel like Edward Scissorhand(s) with a ring finger casualty. I do twitch the metal splint up and down when I am not banging it into things.

(ie. blurry movement pic.)

Sunday  evening , I was preparing to cut turkey fillets with my handy-dandy way too sharp and too long 8″ Global Knife and you know what happens. Yes, the knife thinly slicing the turkey as a slicing machine would , Horizontally cutting slipped and cut my pointer finger Vertically Wha? and if you think about it,imagine it , a vertical and horizontal  line graph Yes but in a Sward Tai Chi  fluid Air Movement in which I have no idea how my finger was cut . Well,I have a few stitches and  now Today on the opposite hand,  Five days out I have a paper cut  on my ring finer.

Just the weekend One wants to drink…

Oh, and the reason for this post, I cannot drink because it impedes healing. What Timing!

I have been typing too long as it is. Another beer review soon.



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