– No Drinky Drinky- Perfect Timing

finger2 I feel like Edward Scissorhand(s) with a ring finger casualty. I do twitch the metal splint up and down when I am not banging it into things.

(ie. blurry movement pic.)

Sunday  evening , I was preparing to cut turkey fillets with my handy-dandy way too sharp and too long 8″ Global Knife and you know what happens. Yes, the knife thinly slicing the turkey as a slicing machine would , Horizontally cutting slipped and cut my pointer finger Vertically Wha? and if you think about it,imagine it , a vertical and horizontal  line graph Yes but in a Sward Tai Chi  fluid Air Movement in which I have no idea how my finger was cut . Well,I have a few stitches and  now Today on the opposite hand,  Five days out I have a paper cut  on my ring finer.

Just the weekend One wants to drink…

Oh, and the reason for this post, I cannot drink because it impedes healing. What Timing!

I have been typing too long as it is. Another beer review soon.



Strange Box Update

OK, so the vitamin store  re-issued my order . this is good . Hold on .

My vitamins, that I needed this weekend, that is in my org. box is now out of stock.

Question. So, that one bottle left  was mine, is now somewhere else?. Response. Yes.

“Sigh ”

Sure it is, cause its my box.

This means it is on back order til  sometime this week. . .or possibly if my box makes its way back around,which  I doubt .

So my vitamins are either with someone who is keeping my box , which is like Christmas , or just being transported around like space junk in the universe.  I had a lot of winter goodies such as winter  care items and preventative flu remedies and some gluten free food items.  My cracker box was like a consolation gift. ..Whomp Whomp.. Oh yes, with that random  bottle of shampoo thrown in. That single shampoo bottle  keeps me laughing a bit. Just wondering why? If it didn’t have the random shampoo bottle I  would be so much more let down and bothered.

Sure, cause  its My Box.

~ Im JudeB

Strange Box

Now ,I should have taken a picture of this .  I placed an order to my favorite online vitamin store. Two days ago and I received today, a box with my info on it. I opened one corner and  what is staring at me is a box of gluten  free Lundburg rice crackers excuse me, Lundburg Thin Stackers, not the rounds but the crackers in a blue box. See below. I did not order this. If one comes in my order well okay. I proceeded to open the box and there are 12 boxes inside the box and  one bottle of shampoo on top. 12 of these fitted nicely in the box and One bottle of Shampoo .


Well it made me laugh and before I could take a pic. As I was busy trying to find and receive My order which was not filled with Brown Rice  Stackers crackers. I had to box it up as I was on the phone with the online store.

The image for reference purposes  from the Lundburg website .http://www.lundberg.com/product/thin-stackers-lightly-salted/

Imagine  regular size and 12 of them and a random bottle of shampoo  on top .Just sitting there… Makes you wonder what some people order…

A funny thing happened – Im JudeB