Last Week for Instance

I have been converting to gluten free and I have been starving. So, I thought I should pick up some gluten free bread. Simple ,well it should have been. It is, for the majority of people who I see going to  the gluten free section and opening the freezer  and almost not looking, I think it is a logo-color association, grabbing frozen loafs of bread. I am a label reader, especially with gluten-free options. I would like it to at least have some  kind of flour, usually rice white or brown.

As I am hunched over and a stopper for the door head deep in the freezer my hand starting to get unusually cold , as I am reading labels.   There is one that is organic and had brown rice flour mixed in. Yea! place the frozen brick into my travel cold bag.

Now I have bread. Okay, good thumbs up ,well not so fast. I have to as per instructions gently separate and if frozen defrost before consuming. I have a butter knife wedged in between slices, and No go, the slices are stuck. Not boding well. I have to use a kitchen utensil, okay the   pounder/tenderizer ironically as a chisel action to separate the bread. .Great. I get it apart. Now I put it on a dish and it I mean a very odd-shaped slice of bread that looks like it is fashioned after one of those children kitchen toaster and bread toys.

OK , So I defrost it, and it is wet.. I put it in the toaster oven. As, I am waiting I examine the  brick”loaf”. I notice blackish round spots. Wait for it… Is , is that Mold? Mold on frozen bread!! How is that possible? I still think about it. Did it come in that way? was it something that happened  in transport?transport  to and in the freezer…

I brought it back to the  market and was told that is the fist they are hearing and seeing this.

Enjoy Cheers! Im Judeb